How often do I need to attend to get results?

Average of three weekly classes with the understanding that this would be your average minimum.
We also recommend a fortnightly Yoga, Stretch or Private Session to keep you on track to maximise
your results.

Do you cater for injury?

Absolutely and this is something we specialise in. The classes and types of exercise we offer are highly recommended for those recovering from injury or people that are living with permanent or chronic changes to their movement and bodies. Reformer Pilates, Cycle and Yoga are all NO IMPACT styles of exercise highly recommended by doctors and health professionals. This is a reason for our Fundamentals Reformer class to ensure your safety and ability as well as offering Private Sessions to those that need specific support and results.

What is your Class Cancellation Policy?

Due to being restricted as we are a are an equipment based studio we do need to give any clients that are waiting for a position in the class an opportunity to attend if there are any cancellations. For this reason we have a 10 hour cancellation policy. Less than 10 hours you will lose that class cost (or pay a $10 fee as a Member), more than 10 hours no charge. If you are on a waitlist for any class, you will be notified by email if anyone pulls out.

You seem expensive- why?

You definitely get what you pay for! Our highly qualified and experienced coaches will be with you every step of your time in our beautiful, well-appointed studio. We have brand new, state of the art equipment and our clients enjoy a personalised service including specific programming for them.

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