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Spiritual Athletica Timetable

CONTROLOGY- Mat Pilates, this style is the original class on the floor using your bodyweight and some props to create a challenging all over body, resistance training workout. All fitness levels welcome & we are able to work around most injury (please inform instructor before beginning of your parameters)

BARRE- a ballet-style workout using both ballet & Pilates movements to tone the whole body. Improves posture, balance & tone.

BOXILATES- A fun hybrid class involving 30 minutes of Cardio Boxing, followed by 30 minutes of Pilates (either on Reformer or Mat). All equipment provided but please bring
own wraps if you have them (we also have wraps in studio). Perfect for those that are looking to increase cardio fitness and strength. Saturdays 6:30am.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA- an athletic flow practice designed to promote flexibility strength and focus. All Welcome as we are able to scale sequences to your ability and fitness level. Class numbers are capped strictly at 10 clients to ensure your individual needs can be monitored.

TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) Suspension Training – A specialised form of suspension training that utilises equipment developed by former US Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. TRX uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

SHRED – Total body workout combining 30mins of Cycle then 30mins of TRX resistance training. May also have kettle bells and dumbbells (depending on fitness levels and injury) to level up and maximise your results. Wednesday 6:30pm &  Saturday 6:30am.

CYCLE – A 45 minute indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio and muscle-sculpting training to both increase metabolism and burn calories during and after your class. It’s much more than a workout – it’s a powerful mind-body experience.

PILATES REFORMER- Pilates using a Reformer machine will lengthen, tone & stretch your muscles. This is a challenging workout designed to improve your metabolic rate, movement patterns & mobility. Highly recommended by physios & doctors as it’s non weight bearing and able to zone in & focus on specific areas.

Reformer ATHLETIC- An energetic Reformer class using the Jump Board attachment to create momentum in your workout. This class will give you an all over toning workout but also lift your heart rate. Simple moves, combined with an energetic flowing choreography will have you enjoying your class as well as seeing amazing results in your body. Recommended for clients that have completed at least 10 Reformer classes & have NO current knee, back or hip issues.

Fundamentals-This is a compulsory entry level class for all first-time Pilates Reformer participants. Bookings are compulsory as numbers limited to ensure we spend time for each new client on orientation to the Reformer equipment as well as covering any queries and specifications on injury or pre-existing conditions that may affect your work out. We will run through booking system (using the MindBody app, as well as waitlist function). Fundamentals runs appointment only as clients availability changes weekly! Please call/SMS the Studio 0434 556 605 please note – we have no reception staff- sms and email always best as our instructors are usually with clients!

Bookings essential for all classes to ensure a safe & effective session for all clients. Please call the Studio 8919 4611 mobile 0434 556 605 or use the MINDBODY app outside of studio hours. Cancellation fees apply for late cancel/no show sessions, as someone else could be waiting for your position. Terms & conditions available to all clients.